Our Mission

Corporate Support International Logo_CSI-2 strive to provide a one-stop business concierge for individuals or companies who aim to seek business presence in Vietnam. Our goal is to be a leader in the provision of corporate support and business solutions.


Why Choose Logo_CSI-2

At  Logo_CSI-2, we provide a cost-effective one-stop service to help you set foot in Vietnam. Our unique Vietnam Business Services and Market Entry Solutions will make your entry into the Vietnam market a seamless affair.


The strength of Logo_CSI-2 lie in its understanding of and ability to deal with the unique system of doing business in Vietnam. Our ability to connect our clients with the appropriate Government and Regulatory authorities will ensure that our clients' needs are expediently satisfied. We ensure that our clients will receive full support in their business activities, through our focused corporate support and business development services.

Logo_CSI-2 are fully au fait with the sensitive cultural and business differences here in Vietnam. This intimate understanding enables us to bridge the cultural and business gaps that can so easily hinder business success.

Here at Logo_CSI-2, we provide UNLIMITED SOLUTIONS to deliver both Vietnam market entry solutions and Vietnam business services to all our clients.



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